Welcome to Cup No.1 202

Due to Covid-19, we unfortunately had to cancel Cup No.1 on both 2020 and 2021. This scary Corona outbreak deeply impacts our society and affects all our lives. That is why we are  looking forward to welcoming you all to Cup No.1 2022.

Cup No.1 will be held in compliance with any COVID-19 restrictions that may apply at that time. No one knows which restrictions are in place at that time and it can vary from country to country. Therefore, the plans may change as the tournament approaches. Specifically, we can say the following:

Registration is now open, and the registration deadline has been extended to June 1st, 2022. Registrations we receive in 2021 will not be charged a team fee before 2022. We do not have a max on the number of teams that can participate in the tournament. However, restrictions may force us to make a tournament with fewer teams. Should we get into that situation, registration time will be crucial for participation.

If the travel recommendations in your country discourage travel to Denmark and you therefore choose to cancel Cup No.1, you will receive all amounts paid back. If your team loses its place in the tournament due to Covid 19 restrictions, you will receive paid amounts back.

If we are again forced to cancel the tournament, you will receive all paid amounts back.

Opening ceremony
We expect that Covid 19 restrictions will mean changes in the official opening ceremony at Frederikshavn Stadium.

Maybe the planning of the match program will be affected by the Covid 19 situation and there may be distance restrictions among the spectators.

We have always prioritized that teams from the same club sleep at the same school. Covid 19 restrictions may mean that in 2022 we have to place teams by age group and groups

Disposable Medical Face Mask
There may be requirements for the use of bandages in buses and schools, among other places.