When arriving at Cup No.1


On arrival in Frederikshavn, the team coach/leader must report to the Information at Fodboldvej 7. All players must be checked in and verified according to the player list. To ensure a fast check-in, coaches are encouraged to bring a copy of each players passport.

At check-in each team is given a tournament plan, plan for transportation with departure- and arrival times, a map of the playing fields, a plan of the school where you are staying, a Frederikshavn city guide including a map of the city and a bracelet (incl. the special bracelets for people with allergies).


A deposit is payable at check-in for all teams staying at one of the schools. 
Please note, that the deposit must be paid in cash upon arrival.

DKK: 750,00
EUR:  100,00
DOLLARS: 125,00
NOK :1000,00
SEK: 1000,00

The deposit is returned to you, once it has been checked and approved by the school guards, that the classroom/s are left in the same condition as they were in on arrival.


The Information is situated in the red Clubhouse at Fodboldvej 7.

Opening hours:

SundayFrom 10.00 to 18.00
MondayFrom 08.30 to 18.00
Tuesday-FridayFrom 08.30 to 20.00
SaturdayFrom 08.30 to 14.00 (at the Stadium)

VISA rules for Denmark

If you travel to Denmark for a short stay, i.e. to take part in a sporting event, a visa might be necessary to gain entrance into Denmark. If a visa is required for you, Cup No. 1 will mail you an approved invitation which you need to bring to your local Danish Embassy to apply for the visa.

List of countries which need a visa to visit Denmark can be found here:


Playing fields

All playing fields at Cup No. 1 are situated close to the Information, eliminating the need for transport by bus, all fields lie within walking distance.

There is a regular bus service from the schools to the fields. Please note, that the A-finals are played at Frederikshavn Fodbold Stadium.

The dining hall for lunch and dinner is situated less than 500 meters from the Information at Fodboldvej.

Map - Fields and dining hall