Cup No.1 Very Important Players offers young people with some form of intellectual disability the opportunity to participate in Cup No.1. The love of football is the common denominator for all of us.

Cup No.1 Very Important Players is a separate class in Cup No.1.

When: Week 28: (8th July - 13th July.
Sunday/Monday -  check in and lodging at school.
Monday evening at 18.30 there will be a collective march through the city, ending at Frederikshavn Stadium, where the opening ceremony of Cup No.1 starts.
Tuesday-Wednesday: The teams are dialed into groups of 4 or 5 teams.
Thursday-Friday: Play-off, and Friday at 15.15 the finals are played (A & B Finals).  
Time schedules: 2 x 20 minutes
8 v 8-players: When registering, select A or B group, depending on the level.
Who can participate: Players with intellectual disabilities. Age: From 13 - (no limited) 

Accommodation: Lodging in school class rooms for four nights (It’s possible to
stay until Saturday, for the same price), with full board.
Monday dinner, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday;
Breakfast, Lunch and dinner.     
Price: DKK 1200 / NOK 1570 / SEK 1660 / €160 / $183 each participant/coach. Including bus transfer from school to playing/eating area. And bus to the
Palm Beach in Frederikshavn.

Deposit: Teams, sleeping at school: EUR 100/ DKK 750 / NOK 1000/ 
SEK 1000 / USD 125.
  The deposit is refunded on departure,
if the classroom is handed over in the same standard as when
you arrived. Note the classroom must be left as you found it. 

Teamfee:  DKK 1300/ NOK 1600 / SEK 1700 / € 175 / $ 200.  The fee is compulsory for all participating teams.

Beddings: Mattresses and bedding can be rented to a coast of 41 Euro/
each person for the period.




Rules of the games

The Cup No.1 is played in accordance with the DBU and FIFA regulations (valid from 1st July 2017 with reservation for further changes) with the following exceptions:

  • All age classes from U15 and older play with ball size 5.
  • According to Danish rules, all players must have shin guards.
  • There is free replacement (see section on number of players and reserves)
  • If a team fails to appear to two games all their previous results will be annulled.

 Exceptions - apply only games with 8 players

  • The offside rule is not used.
  • The 6-second rule does not apply when getting rid of the ball.
  • It is NOT okay to purposely kick the ball to the goalkeeper.
  • It is valid, from a throw in, to throw directly to your own goalkeeper.
  • At goal kicks and free kicks for the defending team, inside their own penalty area, it’s legal to kick the ball to the goalkeeper, and he is free to pick up the ball. When the ball is “in play”, the opponent is free to get into the penalty area and attack.
  • Penalty kicks are taken from 8 m
  • All free kicks are direct. However, a foul to the offensive team in the opposing penalty area, where rules of the game would result in an indirect free kick, will result in a direct free kick outside the penalty area - closest to the offense.

Ties in the playoff directly by penalty kicks (FIFA rules). Finished finals are settled directly by penalty kicks. (FIFA rules)

In the penalty shootout competition, 5 shooters are selected, is it still equal, 1 shooter is selected at a time.

All players assigned to the team card must kick. However, the first 5 shooters must be selected among the 8 players on the pitch when the match ends.


The jury of the tournament

The tournament management consists of a least 2-man jury and is responsible for the tournament being played in a sporting fashion. The jury takes care of protests, interpretation of rules and any doubts that may occur etc.
The decisions of the juries are final.

Protests and penalties

Protest Formulas can be collected in the results or the information.
Protests must be submitted in writing to Cup No.1-Information by the team's responsible leader within 1 hour after the end of the match.

Protest fee (DKK 750/100 EURO) must be paid at the same time. This fee is refunded if the jury decides in favor of the protest.
A player who is ordered off the field will automatically be suspended from the next match if nothing else is decided by the tournament jury. Yellow cards are not accumulated. The players will NOT get a 10-minute suspension by a yellow card.
The referee’s decisions on the field related to the match are final (FIFA rule no. 5) No further measures will be taken to protests on decisions made by referees. Private video can’t be used in a protest situation. Using the wrong size ball is not a reason for protest.


Players and substitutes

There are no limits to the number of players in a squad. Teams playing 8-a-side is entitled to use a maximum of 13 players. It is permitted to substitute and reinstate players – In 8 a side you can use 5 subs, and in 11 a side you can use 7 subs. Replacing and reintroducing players is allowed. It must be done when the game is interrupted and with the referee's permission. All changes must take place at the mid line.


The tournament program is ready in week 26 at 
Please make sure to stay tuned to the program – any adjustments will be given on arrival.
The tournament jury have the right to change the program at all time – this will be handled directly to the coach/leader or by phone.