Dear Cup No. 1 fans and followers,

Due to the global Pandemic Covid-19, we, unfortunately, see no other resort than to cancel Cup No. 1 2020. We do this for your safety and for the safety of our volunteers.

Cup No. 1 is an international youth soccer tournament with teams from all around the world, and we do not want to put parents in the difficult situation where they have to decide whether it is safe to send their children to a football tournament in Frederikshavn, Denmark.

“This scary Corona outbreak deeply impacts our society and affects all our lives. We have to be patient and show public spirit. We, therefore, take the consequence and cancel Cup No. 1 2020. Even though the world most likely will be brighter and better in week 28 compared to now, we, as parents, would probably think extra hard and long before sending our children around the world. This does not only apply to us parents living in Denmark but parents from all over the world who are sending their children to Cup No. 1 every year”, says Anders Brandt Sørensen, Chairman FfI Football.

“I think it is very sad and heartbreaking that we have to cancel Cup No. 1. It will have a great impact on football in Frederikshavn, and all the players, coaches, parents etc, who have been looking forward participating Cup No.1 2020. However, other people and companies in our society bear greater suffering in these troubled times. We will get back on our feet, and we promise to be back with a stronger and better Cup No. 1 in 2021”.

Cup No. 1 will in the coming weeks contact all the registered teams for refunds of deposits and fees.

Again, it is heartbreaking that we have to cancel Cup No. 1 for the first time in 37 years, but we will be back with Cup No. 1 2021 – STRONGER, BETTER & IMPROVED

Cup No.1 2021 from July 12th-17th. 








Welcome to Cup No.1, July 6-11 in 2020 in Denmark

Cup No.1 is a youth soccer tournament for both boys and girls. It has been held in Frederikshavn, Denmark since 1984 under the name Dana Cup No.1. Almost 8.200 teams from 100 nations have joined our tournament during the years. In 2018 the following nations were participating: Algeria, Australia, Brazil, Columbia, Denmark, Dubai, England, Estonia, Philippine, India, Madagascar, Morocco, Mexico, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Sweden, Germany and USA. 

All matches are played on nice green soccer fields of international standard in Frederikshavn. We are proud to say that all fields are in the same area, so your team/s do not have to spend a lot of time on transportation. This gives you time to enjoy both the tournament and the City Frederikshavn.

The tournament is held week 28 every year. This year 2020, from Monday the 6th of July to Saturday the 11th of July.

Welcome to participating Cup No.1 in Denmark.  See you.