There will always be the smaller tasks, that wont take too much, but are a great help!

In an old-fashioned Danish you could call such "strong men tasks". It can be things like:

  • Setting up the stage
  • Setting up the tents
  • Setting up the sound equipment
  • Moving various objects

But it could also be tasks such as:

  • Shifts at the first aid tents if you have any medical experience
  • Singing the national anthem at the opening ceremony
  • Being the DJ at our party on friday
  • Livestreaming
  • Announcing winners and MotM
  • Giving out medals and trophies

Some of these are bigger or smaller than others, but all of them ensure that Cup No.1 is a great experience every time!
If there is something you would like to help with, contact us!
We are always happy to welcome new volunteers to our team:)