From Dana Cup to Cup No.1

Frederikshavn united Idrætsforening (FfI) started in 1984 and the first Dana Cup took place. The youth soccer tournament was at that time called Dana Cup. In the first year, about 130 teams from 6 different nations participated.

The Dana Cup grew steadily, and in the 1990s, over 320 teams from around 20 nations participated. In 1992 the name was changed from Dana Cup to Dana Cup No.1. Since then, more precisely in the year 2012, the tournament again changed the name to Cup No.1, the same as the tournament is called today.

In 2020 and 2021 the tournament has not been held due to Corona Pandemi, - these years it wasn't allowed to gather many people from different nations. Since the first year (1984) there have been participants from 100 nations, and almost 9000 teams have played football in Frederikshavn for Dana Cup No.1. 

The Cup No.1 tournament is held every year in week 28, and all the fields are gathered in one place, much to the delight of most participants.