Catering and menus

Cup No.1 is well known for its catering. With so many games being played during the week, our ‘FOODTEAM’ is in place to ensure that healthy and varied meals are served throughout. This year it is Jan Trudsø and the usual crew from the kitchen, who will oversee cooking at the 2024 cup.

Cup No.1 menu 2024
Full board (3 meals a day) starting Monday evening and ending with lunch Saturday (Red bracelet) 

Breakfast is served daily at the schools from:  07.00-09.30 (7.00 am - 9.30 am)


Lunch and breakfast are served in the dining hall, FFK-Hallen, Flade Engvej 8 (400 meters from the playing fields), except lunch on Saturday, which it is served at “Nordstjerneskolen” 

Served from 11.30 - 14.30
(11.30am - 02.30pm)
Served from 16.30 - 19.30
(4.30pm - 7.30pm)
    Please note, Monday from 16-19.00 (4.00 pm-7.00 pm)
Monday - Pasta Bolognese (beef)
Tuesday Chicken filet and pasta salad. Beef Bearnaise w/potatoes and vegetables
Wednesday Cup No.1 Burger w/oven potatoes and coleslaw Thai Wok w/cooked rice
Thursday Chicken meatballs with rice/pasta Goulash (beef) with mashed potatoes
Friday Spicy chicken w/fried rice and baguette Swedish meatballs w/mashed potatoes, gravy and lingonberry jam
Saturday Not set (what is avaible in the kitchen) 
OBS; please note lunch is served at "Nordstjerneskolen" situated next to Arena Nord.

In addition to the menus, a fresh fruit- and salad bar is available at every meal.

For your information: Pork will not be included in any menu.

Special meals for players, coaches and leaders with allergies

We also serve and prepare special diets for persons with allergies. When you register, it is possible to mark if you have an allergy and to state which kind it is. If you have a need of a special diet, you are given a black bracelet marked with your name, the first time you visit the Dining Hall.