The amount of schools we use varies every year, but there are some that we use every single time.
The schools we always need crew for are Abildgårdskolen, Bangsbostrandskolen and Nordstjerneskolen.

At Abildgårdskolen the shifts start at 7AM on monday the 8th of July 2024 with the first shift being a normal school shift - During the week the shifts include your typical school shifts, breakfast shifts and night shifts. The last shift on this school is on sunday morning, the 14th of July, where you clean op and help the teams with checking out from 7AM to 12PM

At Bangsbostrandskolen there are only breakfast shifts from 6.30AM to 9.30AM with the first shift being on tuesday the 9th of July and the last shift being on saturday the 13th of July. 

At Nordstjerneskolen the shifts already begin on the 6th of July with the schools shifts and night shifts. In the following days its breakfast-, school-, and night shifts untill the 14th of July, where the last shift is from 7AM -12PM and is all about check out and cleaning!

Breakfast shifts
The shifts are all about preparing the breakfast for the participants - Everything is laid out on, you get the cheese, cornflakes and make coffee, put those on the tables so they are ready for the guests to enjoy as they get ready for another exciting day at the fields.

School shifts
During the school shifts, the main job is to sell goods at our little station, open/lock the classroom doors for the participants and walk around for check ups while also emptying the bins.

Night shifts

Nightshifts are to ensure that there is peace and quiet while the participants rest. Your main job is to keep yourself awake and walk around the place a few times during the night - You can always bring a game or crochet while you're there!