At Cup No.1 we use - where all the shifts are visible to you volunteers. We know that it looks a little complicated, but as soon as you get a hang of it, it's not that hard at all! So let us help you get started!

Quick guide to register yourself as a volunteer in our system

  1.  Register in WorkFeed by clicking on the link and filling in the information. If you take shifts for a year, please write your full name when creating, which team you take shifts for, by writing year and gender (P/D) (eg 2014P Lise Hansen). If you already have an account on workfeed or have forgotten to add the year, write to us!

    REMEMBER to enter your contact information so that we can contact you if necessary!
    The link can be found on your child's team facebookpage, or you can get it by writing to us by email
  2. Wait. Once you have created yourself as a user, we will add a role to your user so that you can see all the available shifts. So you don't have to do anything until then.
  3. Once you have been approved and have been added to the role, you can now see all shifts. In the left corner you can see all the available departments if you would like to look at e.g. a specific school.

    Now you can click on the places that say "Available shift" and sign up for the shift. In the comment below the guard there is a short guard description.

You have now taken a shift during Cup No.1! 

If the IT is causing problems or you would like to help but are not a part of any FFI team, please write/call us or come by the office at Fodboldvej :)

On our Danish site and you will find multiple video guides on how to use the system, but if you run into any trouble, you can always contact us!