Categories of participation

Team fee
All participating teams pay a team fee.

All players, coaches, leaders, and others with accommodation in a school will pay a participation fee (category A).

Players, coaches, and leaders who don't have accommodation at a school will also pay a participation fee (category B).

Category A: School Accommodation
Everyone staying at the school (players, coaches, and leaders) has to pay the accommodation cost. This cost includes 15 meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) from dinner on Monday to lunch on Saturday. Bus transfer between the Cup No.1 area and the schools where the distance from the Cup No.1 1 area to the school is more than 2 km.

Category B: Own accommodation
Teams have to arrange their own accommodation or book a hotel through Cup No.1. All the participants, leaders, and trainers must pay a fee. Lunch and dinner vouchers for meals in the FFK-hallen can be purchased on the "MyTeam" login.

(See costs and fees for both categories.)

General information about the tournament

Opening ceremony
Monday evening, starting with a march from Frederikshavn City Hall to Frederikshavn Stadium. The march starts at 18.30 (6.30 p.m.).

The games
The first rounds are on Tuesday–Wednesday, where the teams are divided into groups. Thursday-Friday is a play-off (A and B), and finals are played Friday-Saturday. (Read about the finals).

For the whole week, it will be announced later, approximately at the beginning of July.

Breakfast is served at the schools. Lunch and dinner are served in FFK-Hallen, less than 500 metres from the fields at Fodboldvej. Teams arriving early can order extra meals, served at Fodboldvej 7. 

During the tournament, there will be buses between the fields at Fodboldvej/Dining Hall and the schools, more than 2 km from the fields. 

Do you need a transfer to get to Cup No.1? - (read more) 

In schools, gyms, or in a hall. Participants must bring their own bedding (mattresses and sleeping bags). Alternatively, a full set of bed linen can be rented at Cup No.1.           

If you want to stay at a hotel, etc., - Cup No.1 will be pleased to help you. You will get the best price by booking via Cup No.1. Send an email to:

All teams staying at the school have paid a deposit (DKK 750). It is charged along with the team fee. Upon departure, the school guard must approve the classroom. The room must be left in the same condition and with the same set-up as on arrival. Upon arrival, the teams make sure that tables and chairs are pushed out to the side and that it is possible to get to the fire door. Once the room has been approved by the school guard, - the deposit will be transferred to your account. If you check out of the room without it being approved by the school guard, and rules regarding cleaning and furniture haven't been put in place, the deposit will not be refunded.

We gladly offer to find accommodation for parents and relatives who are on vacation in Frederikshavn during Cup No.1. It is cheapest to book a hotel, etc. via Cup No.1. (information for the parents)

VISA rules for Denmark
If you travel to Denmark for a short stay, i.e., to take part in a sporting event, a visa might be necessary to gain entrance into Denmark. If a visa is required for you, Cup No. 1 will mail you an approved invitation, which you need to bring to your local Danish Embassy to apply for the visa.

A list of countries that need a visa to visit Denmark can be found here:

Guest players

If your sister or brother participates in Cup No.1 or if you are on vacation in Frederikshavn and would like to participate in Cup No.1, then we can offer you a chance to be a guest player.

We can't guarantee that you will play, but we will do our very best to find a team for you. 

Or if your team needs more players. 

In both cases, please send an email to with the following information:.

Player's first and last name:
Date of birth:
Position on the field:
Phone, we can contact you:
E-mail address: 


At the facility on Fodboldvej, there is free wifi.
Please contact the information to get the code.


When arriving at Cup No.1

On arrival in Frederikshavn, the team coach/leader must report to Information at Fodboldvej 7. All players must be checked in and verified according to the player list. To ensure a fast check-in, coaches are encouraged to bring a copy of each player's passport. Before arrival, you must fill out the player list (via MyTeam login). The team card must contain the following:

  • Name and date of birth
  • Shirt number (which must be the same during the whole tournament) 

At check-in, each team is given a bus schedule for transportation with departure and arrival times, a map of the playing fields, a plan of the school where you are staying, a map of the city, and a bracelet (Bracelets for people who need specific food or allergies will get their black bracelet the first time visiting the Dining Hall).

Information (is situated in the red office at Fodboldvej 7)
Opening hours:
Sunday from 10.00–18.00
Monday from 08.00–18.00
Tuesday-Friday from 08.30-19.00

Playing fields
All playing fields at Cup No. 1 are situated close to the information, eliminating the need for transport by bus; all fields lie within walking distance.

There is a regular bus service from the schools to the fields. Please note that the A-finals are played at Frederikshavn Stadium.

The dining hall, where lunch and dinner are served, is located less than 500 metres from the Information Centre at Fodboldvej.


First-aid assistance

Need medical attention? The first aid tent is located next to the referee tent between lanes 5 and 7, where you can find nurses, medical students, etc. who are always ready and prepared to help. In the event of an emergency at one of the schools, please contact the emergency services on tel. 70 150 300.

Visits to the emergency room can incur costs for non-EU citizens. Such a visit is considered a private consultation. The price is typically DKK 500 plus any additional charges. EU citizens carrying a valid European Health Insurance Card (the blue one) do not have to pay for visits to the emergency room, hospital, or any general practitioner. If you are over the age of 18 and have not brought your European Health Insurance Card, you will be charged for all treatments by the general practitioners, emergency room visits, and hospital visits. 

We therefore recommend that participants from non-EU countries bring travel insurance from their country of residence, which will cover them in case of an emergency.

All participants are responsible and liable for damages and injuries committed on or off the field. Each club must ensure that their club members are insured both on and off the field. Neither Cup No.1 nor the organiser have collective insurance to cover injuries, illness, theft, or damages. 

Cancellation of the tournament and force majeure
Neither Cup No.1 nor the organiser is responsible for compensation, financial losses, or damages that may occur due to events outside the control of Cup No.1 the organiser, such as war-like events, floods, pandemics, fires, government actions, strikes, or other similar circumstances. 

Own cancellation

In case of cancellation - regardless of the time - and in case of no-show, no part of the teamfee will be refunded.

If you cancel before June 16th, 60% of the participation fee will be refunded. 
In case of cancellation on June 16th or later and in case of no-show, no part of the participation fee will be refunded.

The refund rules apply, regardless of whether the cancellation / non-appearance is due to failure to obtain a visa, delayed or canceled trains, flights or ferries, strikes, lockouts, blockades or similar incidents.

The rules are similarly applicable in the event of war, war-like conditions, rebellion, civil lawlessness or similar incidents, as well as earthquakes or other natural disturbances.

Financial compensation is not provided to teams that lose matches as a result of other teams' non-appearance or their own delayed appearance.