School accommodation
If you have booked accommodation at one of the schools for Cup No.1 (as most teams do), you will be placed at one of the local schools from Monday to Saturday (week 28).

Should you need additional accommodation from Sunday to Monday (start week 28) or from Saturday to Sunday (end week 28), this can be purchased at additional cost. See the prices here.  

If more than one team from the same club participates, you will, as far as possible, be located at the same school. A few teams will be placed in the gyms or at sports halls with other teams, but always from the same club.

All participants must bring their own air bed and sleeping bag. Note: If you bring a double air bed two people must sleep on it.  

It is also possible to rent beddings (air beds, pillows and blankets)

To order beddings you need to log in to MyTeam e on the website. See the prices here.

House rules for school accommodation

  • There must be at least one responsible leader over 18 years of age on the school always.
  • For accommodation at school,  you must pay a deposit. This will be returned, if the room is delivered in the same condition as on arrival.
  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited on the school premises.
  • Smoking and ingestion of euphoric substances are STRONGLY prohibited in schools.
  • It is prohibited to hang up flammables in the halls or to move furniture out of the classrooms etc.
  • Don’t touch the electronic equipment in classrooms.
  • It is prohibited to enter the school in your soccer boots and playing soccer indoor.
  • Rubbish must be placed in the rubbish bags in the halls.
  • Silence from 11.30 pm to 6.00 am.
  • All persons must respect and obey the person in charge of the school.
  • The bathrooms and toilets will be cleaned daily.
  • Each team must contribute to the cleaning of their own and shared areas.
  • The teams are liable for damages to the school premises.
  • Personal property is kept on the school premises at your own risk.
  • Double mattresses are not allowed to be used for single persons in the classrooms on the schools.

Breaches of these rules will be reported to the tournament managers and can result in disqualification from the tournament.

All teams staying at the school have to pay a deposit. It is charged along with team fee (DKK 750 / €100) 

The deposit is returned to you, as soon it has been checked and approved by the school guards, that the classroom/s are left in the same condition as they were in on arrival.  The deposit get refunded to your bank. 

Schools – name and address:  

Abildgaardskolen, Abildvej 20, 9900 Frederikshavn.
Bangsbostrand Skole, Søndergade 200, 9900 Frederikshavn.
Fladstrand Skole, Buhlsvej 19, 9900 Frederikshavn.
Nordstjerneskolen, Rimmens Allé 75, 9900 Frederikshavn.
Ravnshøj Skole, Ravnshøjvej 155, Ravnshøj, 9900 Frederikshavn 
Strandby Skole, Skolegade 4, 9970 Strandby.

Cabins – name and adresse:

Ungdomsborgen, Gl. Skolevej 34, 9900 Frederikshavn.
Hørkærhytten, Jørgen Brøndlundsvej 127, 9900 Frederikshavn.

If required, it is possible to upgrade your accommodation. 

Arena Nord offers rooms with accommodation for max. 30 persons in one room and 2 x 20 persons in separate rooms. These rooms have upgraded bedding incl. linen. 

For more information and price please contact


If you, as a participant at Cup No.1, wish to stay at a hotel, Frederikshavn offers several nice possibilities. Cup No.1 have negotiated good deals on your behalf, please contact for more information. The reduced rates are also available for the team’s visitors and supporters. Read more