Cup No.1 is a large football tournament for youths, which is held each year in week 28 in Frederikshavn, Denmark. Since the start of Cup No.1 in 1984,  coaches, players and judges from more than 100 nations and almost 9000 teams have participated. All matches are played on grass fields, which are all situated close to each other. All facilities are close by and the participants can visit the center of the city, between games and dining. Each year more than 600 volunteers help run Cup No.1 giving all participants a great experience for life.


To be - not the biggest but probably the best tournament of this kind.


That each participant should go home with a great experience – having formed friendships across countries and continents – a feeling of a professionally run tournament with good playing fields -  Fair Play as top of mind – a feeling of general safety – and a high level of service and wonderful hosts who are open to improvements.